A Real Page-Turner

Books- so rich and complicated in their nature bring excitement and intrigue to the senses. One day a book takes its reader on an adventure to a previously undiscovered way of life and the next it transports to a world of undiscovered history. Books shape the world as it is known. There are many styles of books written. The forgotten, obscure and often taken for granted style of books, the contemporary mainstream books, embraced on the common ground of popularity, and the treasured classics those that will remain in the heart of the readers for years to come. Books, no matter their genre, popularity or age have affected the lives of readers for centuries and every single person should count the ability to read a very important responsibility and privilege.
Society frequently accepts mainstream books because of their popularity. These books are quite often mentioned as one’s favorite book because that reader has no better grasp of truly greater books, and because he did not take the time to such for and read them. They are unlike the obscure books or the classic ones, in that they are quite easy to read and frequently bring an uplifting message at the end of the sadly predictable tale. Books such as The Hunger Games, Twilight, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo are all examples of conventional fiction. These stories, though possessing many fine qualities; frequently fail to make it as a classic because of their typical plots, predictable endings and weak messages.
Classic books are the stories that have stood the test of time. These books are not embraced for their cushy storyline or the absolute sterile perfection of writing style. These books are precious because they express the human spirit at its most vulnerable. They often tell what is hard to express for nearly every person, including the writer. Because of the writers unique gift, he unknowingly penned a masterpiece which would cause many to question their thoughts and beliefs due to the message of his story. Stories such as The Great Gatsby, A Journey To the Center of the Earth and, Gone With the Wind, though long since published give the feeling of community through well told stories, detail and undying emotion.
There are some stories written that truly touch the reader, not on a level that may not be recognizable to many, simply because many have not had the pleasure of reading them. These are the obscure titles, the independent book seller in the back of a coffee shop- the ones that are the most hard to find. Though these books are often unrecognizable in the sea of so many stories begging for our attention, they are worth the reader’s time. The writer wrote it in hope that he could possibly inspire one or two readers to see his point of view on the world. The realization that his book will most probably will not be a New York Times bestseller of an independent writer and therefore an independent book can touch the reader on a very deep level because the reader realizes that he is of a select few privileged to read this story.
The gift of reading should be treasured and used often. No matter the genre, size or reading level of a book, a good writer wants to cause the reader to feel the emotions he felt. Books should be viewed as a window into the heart of one who expresses his thoughts on the world and what goes on in it. Despite a books appearance or reviews, the lessons and memories gained from the reading of a book will be treasured forever.


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