A Nighttime Adventure

A mere short story written by yours truly.

This story begins like most others stories with a plain and simple Once upon a time. But what many do not know is that she was far from plain and simple. She was a lovely and demure young lady about seventeen growing up in Scotland. It happened upon this certain young lady on a late night that the window in her bedroom remained open.
Once upon a time, long ago, the open window let in the breeze of the late night through the tall tree next to her bedroom. Through that window in the still dark night crept a man no older than twenty into her room.
“Louisa, Louisa come to me,” said the young man in a quiet, stolid tone.
She was still groggy, unresponsive, and laconic, for this boy had woken her t this ungodly hour. For one reason or another, perhaps and most likely her tiredness; our young girl remained un-obdurate to the young man escorting her down the tree. In a bleary and somewhat unsettling moment she was on horseback with the young man (who she chose to call Edward, for she thought the name suited him well.) She decided not to be coquette to the boy, and just rode along with him through a vast, dew covered valley in complete silence.
Suddenly they were surrounded by hundreds of men all clad in heavy armor. What was she to do? Why was she riding here in the night rather than sleeping soundly in her bead? These questions and more loomed in her head, but rather than think, at that moment she decided to take action. Her young escort had been injured and was precariously draped across the horse, unresponsive and unconscious. She sat him upright and took the reins. Sweet and quiet Louisa had never ridden a horse before in her short lifetime, but for some unknown and mysterious reason she controlled the horse with utmost precision. She could think of nothing else but to escape the evil men. She looked for a gap amongst the crowd of faceless knights and weaved her horse between them just before a spear was thrown at her head. She began to gallop, faster, harder, she had to get away. She did not look back to the dark knights but rather, she focused on what was in front of her. She pushed the jet black horse until she felt as if no other animal could run as fast as her horse, it ran, and then it ran faster, quicker, and harder until she felt as if she were flying. She was flying. She realized that the ground had disappeared under her steed and they were flying high above the clouds, away from their captors. She could not believe the beauty and serenity of life above the clouds. The faintest hints of sunlight shown around the young man and Louisa and she felt the loveliest of breezes caress her soft skin. Before she cold fully finish reveling in the beauty of her flight, the steed touched down next to what appeared to be an inn built of pine trees. Louisa was shocked that of all the places her animal could have landed, it landed at a place where her mysterious young man could receive help and aid. She decided not to question the situation and pulled him inside. The inside of the inn appeared to be more like the out-of-doors than where she had just come from. A fire the size of Louisa’s house blazed brightly in a corner of the vast room. She looked about in awe over the woodland room, but her fascination was quickly interrupted by a little man, no taller than a young rabbit who pulled on the hem of her dress as he asked her what had happened.
“Oh this young chap needs to be mended for sure,” he mumbled to himself, “Oh this looks bad, quite bad indeed.”
His fingers peeled back the boys’ shirt to reveal a nasty stomach wound.
“Nothing would heal this boy except the blood of the one who rescued him… that’d be you lass.”
She was dumbfounded, when and where would someone’s blood help someone who was injured? Louisa became quite confused with her situation, yet should felt a terrible nag in her stomach; she knew she needed to help him, no matter what took from herself and her life.
“Do what you need to do; just get it over with as quickly as you can.” She said with a tremble in her voice.
As the leprechaun-like man drew his knife to cut her neck, a tiny bottle of what appeared to be water fell out of her coat pocket.
“Blimey! Why didn’t ya’ tell me you had Wellcapria potion?” He exclaimed rather garrulously. “This’ll cure an’thing. It’s the most powerful and rare substance in our world! Ya’ shoulda told me ‘bout it lass.”
Louisa remained in a state of confusion and simply watched the little man pour the solution over the wound; it quickly healed right before her eyes.
“That was a very noble and magnanimous deed, lass. Yeh’ were willing to give up yur life for a stranger, that that’s the bravest thing I think I’ve eva’ seen a body do, ‘twas quite assiduous of you.”
Edward regained consciousness and thanked her for saving his life. They walked about outside in the thick forest for a long while until he said that he had to go. He thanked her for the night ride, and while her back was turned, he vanished into the cool night breeze.
She stood there, in the peaceful woods, relishing the adventurous night and the particularly nice wind. Soon, the breeze became so strong that it stirred her from her stupor. Abruptly she was back in her room, the refreshing breeze reminding her of her nighttime adventure. It had all been a dream.


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